Health Center

Health Center

medmanagementOur on site Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner will collaborate with a student’s former prescriber upon enrollment to ensure continuity and consistency of care. Integral to our collaborative process is the partnership between the clinical team, the counseling team, and the academic teams with a student and his or her family. Within this collaborative partnership, psycho-education pertaining to medication rationale, alternative options to medication, possible adverse effect profile, and efficacy assessment measures is provided to both student and family. This serves to further enhance safety and to promote autonomy and mature, responsible self care for a student. Communication with parents is frequent and on an as needed basis.

clinicalservicesUpon acceptance to Shortridge Academy, the licensed clinical team will review any psychological or psychiatric reports/evaluations that may accompany a student. Shortly after admission, a student will have an opportunity to meet with a member of the licensed therapeutic team for an initial assessment to determine how each student is handling the transition and adjustment to Shortridge Academy. A clinical impression and recommendations or suggestions will be formulated and will be discussed with the student’s parents. This initial assessment is included as part of the Shortridge Academy tuition package.

All arrangements and referrals for additional psychiatric/psychological consultation and assessment will be coordinated by the Health Education Center clinical team with formal authorization from a student’s parents per NH rules and regulations to maintain HIPPA compliance.

HECShortridge Academy Health Education Center employs experienced licensed nursing and mental health clinicians who work in concert to promote positive physical, emotional and cognitive development. The Health Education Center is staffed by NH licensed registered and practical nurses. The Clinical Director oversees and supervises all services provided by the Health Education Center clinical team. The Health Education Center is open to address students’ clinical needs on M-F from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM and from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 5:00 to 10:00 PM on both Saturday and Sunday. Emergency call staff is available as needed after operation hours. The Health Education Center clinical team encourages and welcomes visits and phone calls from all parents.

The Shortridge Academy Health Education Center provides health services to all students that includes but is not limited to; medication administration, nursing assessment and triage, first aid treatment, coordinating regularly scheduled medical appointments, collaborative practice with other external medical and clinical providers, health education, and collaborative arrangement of annual medical appointments to include seasonal inoculations per NH State Health and Human Services recommendations and guidelines. Also, students’ medical records and files are constantly updated and safely secured in compliance with Rights to Privacy and Confidentiality.