Arrowsmith Cognitive Enhancement


The Arrowsmith Program – Cognitive Enhancement  (ACE) is a computer-based cognitive exercise which targets the area of the brain that connects concepts and ideas, and strengthens understanding of logical and conceptual relationships. It is part of the much larger Arrowsmith Program developed by Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, and is a perfect match for what we already do here at Shortridge. Instruction is based on 4 hours per week for 36 weeks. We’re very pleased to be chosen as an approved Arrowsmith site, and are the only one in New Hampshire.  

ACE is an excellent program for students who struggle reading through and understanding written material, can’t seem to connect the pieces of “cause and effect” relationships, or struggle to remember mathematical and scientific concepts. ACE is also an excellent exercise to build a student’s reasoning and processing to better navigate their way through difficult social situations.

The purpose and goal of ACE is to strengthen cognition to be able to more easily and quickly make thoughtful, logical choices in a variety of academic and nonacademic settings. This tried and true program has been proved to be a long-term benefit to students during and well after high school.

Students who are enrolled in the Comprehensive or Advance Learning Program will be automatically included in ACE as needed.

We recommend students work in ACE for a minimum of 12 weeks to ensure that they’ve invested in, understood, and begun to see the benefits of the program before deciding whether or not they should or want to continue the program.

Data shows the students should begin to see changes in 6 to 8 weeks, but due to the needed balancing of very busy academic, counseling, and extracurricular schedules we believe 12 weeks will better illustrate wanted outcomes. Completing the entire program is recommended, but students will be assessed throughout the program to determine the best course of action for each individual.

Check out this TedTalk with Barbara Arrowsmith-Young:

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young - TEDx Toronto

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Learning Center 360 Video Walk-through

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