familyAt Shortridge we firmly believe in partnering with families through a co-parenting model predicated on engaging and instructing parents in the concept of authoritative parenting. Most families have a mix of authoritarian, permissive, and/or dis-engaged parenting styles. Shortridge Academy, being informed by research on adolescent brain development and what makes up an effective family system, stresses an authoritative approach – the healthy middle ground. One of keys of the family counseling program is to develop parenting skills predicated on this middle ground and preparing for positive interaction during off-campus and home visits.

Throughout your time here, we will work to make sure your family has a strong understanding of our program goals. We will do this through solid communication, transparency, and formally through New Parent Orientation seminars and Parent Conferences. We recognize that each family is different, and we work to find methods that best suit each family system. Our goal is for parents to feel empowered to continue supporting their student with what they have learned at Shortridge.


From the start, every family will have a weekly call with their student’s Counselor as well as a weekly call with their child. Family visits occur once a month and include some family work as a part of the visit. Siblings are welcome to be an active a part of the family process when appropriate. Students are always welcome to send and receive mail from their families as well.


Family visits are an important time to stay connected. Our visit schedule begins with on-campus visits and progresses to visits at home as a student demonstrates responsibility and readiness. All Phase 1 visits occur on or close to our campus. Beyond spending time with your child, on-campus visits present a valuable opportunity for parents to get to know other students and staff who are a part of your student’s daily life. In Phase 2 students become eligible for visits at home.

Parent Workshops:

Parents are invited to attend Parent Workshops twice a year. These are intended to be learning opportunities as well as a chance to interact with other Shortridge families. The parent workshop includes both therapeutic and academic presentations, and an opportunity to meet with many Shortridge staff.

Shortridge Parents are also welcome to attend our bi-monthly New Parent Orientation workshops. These one-day events are held every other month off campus and focus on “bringing the parent manual to life” and offer information and connections to help parents partner with Shortridge Academy staff as effectively as possible. Meeting alumni families is also part of the agenda.

In addition, many informal Shortridge Parent Support Groups are available in various areas of the country for those wanting further connection with other families.