Levels of Instructional Support


The Center for Learning and Cognitive Enhancement offers students four customized levels of support. Student’s needs are matched with the most appropriate and effective learning center services. These levels of support are billed monthly.

Comprehensive Learning Program (4 days per week) $1000

Advanced Learning Program (3 days per week) $750

Intermediate Learning Program (2 days per week) $500

Preparatory Learning Program (1 day per week) $250

The Comprehensive LP is a four session per week program that provides extensive coaching and executive function skill instruction, as well as supervised study time. The goal of this program is to teach a wide variety of executive functioning, one on one check-ins, and study skills to allow the student to achieve future academic independence.

The Advanced LP is a three session per week program that provides wide-ranging instruction for the student with emerging academic independence. The student focuses on skills needed to maximize success at Shortridge and beyond. The program entails one on one check-ins with the instructional support teacher, supervised study time, reminders of executive functioning skills, and coaching.

The Intermediate LP is a two session per week program provides median instruction for the student demonstrating some academic independence. This program is excellent for the student who needs occasional help with organization and planning of larger assignments and projects.

The Preparatory LP is just one session per week, and is designed for an independent student who may need to check in with the instructional support teacher to ensure they’re staying organized and on task with all assignments. This program is meant to review progress and provide feedback on all academic work.