Shortridge provides transition support and coaching to all students and families as they prepare to leave our program.  Approximately 2 months before their scheduled graduation, students begin the transition curriculum.  They will attend transition groups, have focused time to discuss their transition plans, and will do more in depth work with their families.  A few of the aims of the transition program are:

  • Provide a profound and honest look at strengths, as well as those challenging areas that a family may need extra support in managing
  • Be a support to a family’s or students home-based counseling services.
  • Support students in identifying the areas where they are competent and how they can integrate that competency into their lives after they leave Shortridge Academy.
  • Increase awareness of leadership styles, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Promote a student’s capacity to make healthy life decisions especially when faced with negative peer influences.
  • Assess ability to tolerate difficult interactions and enhance conflict resolution skills.
  • Reinforce a student’s resiliency and management of emotions.
  • Be mindful of behaviors and their congruence to a student’s goals and values.
  • Address feelings that emerge throughout this process.
  • Continue post-graduate planning, such as setting up support systems, researching jobs and investigating extra-curricular activities.
  • Assess whether additional support from Shortridge Academy would be beneficial after graduation (such as signing up for the Post Graduate Support Program).