A Trusted New England Therapeutic Boarding School since 2002

Shortridge Academy is a private New England therapeutic boarding school for grades 9-12 emphasizing challenging yet supportive college prep academics with an average of 50 students on campus throughout the year. We offer year-round rolling admissions with a minimum commitment of one academic year (four terms). Many families, however, opt to enroll for longer. Individual lengths of stay are determined by progress made toward academic objectives, personal and family goals outlined in the Positive Development Plans, and the timing of transitions to next schools.

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The Ridge: a Residential Program for Teens with Mental Health Needs

At our 350-acre campus in southeastern New Hampshire, we offer The Ridge, a specialized mental health residential program for teens who require therapeutic assessment and additional support. Our program prioritizes therapy, increased structure, higher levels of supervision, and fewer distractions to empower our students to develop the critical strengths they need to thrive in the future.

The Ridge provides a supportive and caring environment for students who need more intense care than they can receive at home, at school, or in a traditional residential setting. We believe that by providing intensive treatment and support to our students, we can help them build the resilience and coping skills they need. Contact us to learn more about The Ridge and how we can support your teen’s mental health journey.

The Ridge Program

Academically Focused. Therapeutically Supportive.

While the typical Shortridge student is bright and college bound, many students struggle with social engagement and life satisfaction. All students benefit from our emphasis on the development of executive functioning and self-regulation skills. Our curriculum—both in and out of the classroom—is mindful of individual learning styles and challenges, and integrates strategies that maximize the learning process.

Shaped by the defining features of Authoritative Parenting and guided by the principles of Positive Youth Development, Shortridge fosters collaboration within boundaries and offers students “a seat at the table” on individual and community-wide topics. Student inclusion, in part, is what makes Shortridge so unique.

Authoritative Parenting, a strategy identified decades ago by Diane Baumrind, is consistently found to be more effective than authoritarian, indulgent, or permissive approaches to parenting. Authoritative parenting refers to parenting that is warm but firm. It relies on high, age-appropriate expectations as well as discipline techniques that focus primarily on discussion and explanation.

The goal of Positive Youth Development is to build the competence, confidence, character, caring, and connections that will support a young person’s transition into a healthy, happy, responsible, and productive adulthood. Once an adolescent has developed this critical foundation, he or she is able to cope with challenges and setbacks, and is more apt to contribute to his or her home and community.

Positively Committed

Six C's of Positive Youth Development

We accomplish our school’s mission through continuous review and application of best educational practices while embracing the “Six C’s” of Positive Youth Development (Competence, Confidence, Connection, Character, Caring, and Contribution). This distinctive approach allows us to deeply engage our students and build on their individual strengths.

Shortridge Academy uses evidence-based practices, a well-trained and supervised staff, and positive peer influence to promote emotional healing, fulfillment of academic potential, character building, improved family relations, and the development of interpersonal and decision-making skills. Individualized Positive Development Plans developed by therapists, with insight from parents, referring professionals, teachers, and residential staff, build on the strengths of each student and guide the use of programmatic, academic, and therapeutic strategies and activities from an authoritative perspective.

Shortridge’s residential environment is a nurturing, intentional community where staff provide positive role modeling and the appropriate balance of scaffolding and independence that allows students to practice and hone skills necessary to succeed in traditional academic environments.

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“We knew we had found the right fit.”

We were initially attracted to Shortridge Academy among the schools we considered for the academic depth and inspired teaching that would challenge and engage our daughter, as she had always been a strong student. When we visited, we found that the students we met were kind and down to earth, with a clear sense of pride in who they were. We could easily see our daughter connecting with them, and we knew we had found the right fit.” Read more…

“My family and I have never been closer.”

“Shortridge has been my home for the past 16 months and I actually can say I had a lot of fun here. I have made some of the best friends I have ever had. I am looking forward to seeing everyone here again in the future. My family and I have never been closer, and we have all come a very long way since starting this journey. Well, there’s only a few things I have to say about my time here. Dang, it went fast. It really does.” Read more…

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Head of School Mik Oyler, on leveraging a team approach to serving families and students.

Founder Adam Rainer on the genesis of Shortridge Academy and his commitment to serving Shortridge families.

Admissions Director Katie Rainer, sheds light on the admissions process at Shortridge Academy.

Meet Our Leadership Team

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College Guidance

College guidance provided at Shortridge Academy involves helping each student gain an understanding of their unique strengths, weaknesses, passions, and interests.

student at school health center

Licensed Campus Health Center

Upon enrollment, a psychiatric nurse practitioner at our on-campus health center collaborates with each student’s primary care physician and medication prescriber to ensure continuity and consistency of care.

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Schedule a Tour

A personal visit to Shortridge Academy allows you to make a first-hand assessment of whether our program and educational experience will be a good fit for your son or daughter.

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