Learning Support Overview

The Center for Cognitive Enhancement

The Center for Learning and Cognitive Enhancement (“The Learning Center” or “The LC”) is designed to provide students with an additional layer of academic support to assist in their success during their stay at Shortridge and beyond. The LC offers direct Executive Functioning Instruction, Academic Support Strategies Management and Development of tools and strategies for Continuing Secondary Education, Workplace and College-Bound Students. Participation in the Learning Center Services is determined based upon a student’s needs through an initial orientation and subsequent development of a Individualized Learning Plan (“ILP”).

The Learning Center Focus is On You

Upon acceptance to Shortridge Academy, an orientation period of two to four weeks is initiated. During this time a comprehensive review of academic and clinical records takes place in order to establish a baseline measure of performance. Students participate in academic and executive functioning assessments to help add some dimension to the records review. Teachers and staff also offer observational input to help round out the picture that the collected data has helped to paint. These components are then assembled to determine if a level of support service is needed as well as for the production of an Individualized Learning Plan. If continuation of LC Services is determined, students enter a nine-week cycle during which they work on a designated curriculum. At the end of the cycle, a review is conducted to determine whether services should continue.

Progress in the Learning Center Curriculum is continually monitored, in conjunction with those measures in the students’ core-subject classes. The Learning Center maintains on-going relationships and communication with management, teachers, therapists and residential staff in order to both gather current information as well as to ensure timely responses to those developments in the lives of our students. As part of the Shortridge Academy Progress Reporting Cycle, the LC provides performance updates consistent with the academic classes’ reporting timeframe. Our goal is to help you to stay on top of your student’s growth as they navigate their overall academic plan.