Learning Center Support Services

Individualized Learning Plans (ILP) are developed shortly after students enroll. This extensive document combines relevant academic background information with strategies and modifications to foster future academic success.

Academic Advising utilizes a curriculum that was developed by and based upon the Learning Center Curriculum. This hybrid curriculum model ensures
that EF Concepts are presented and reinforced school-wide as well as enabling Shortridge Sta to have a common EF point of reference as we work in support of student growth and success.

Executive Functioning Skills Training uses explicit teaching to further develop organizational, time management, planning, and strategizing abilities as well as skills to help manage impulsivity. A typical week for students in the LC includes:

  • EF Skills Workshop-providing direct EF Skill Training
  • Mini-Project(Academic-based) that incorporates EF Skills practice
  • Creating a personal EF Portfolio-containing life tools such as a personal mission statement, resume and more
  • Individual Student Consults on progress and/or academic support

In addition to the student schedule of services, the Learning Center maintains a daily “Open-Session” after lunch, where students can come to address any academic needs they may have.

SAT/ACT Prep: develops test-taking strategies, test practice using content-specific materials. Shortridge Academy and the Learning Center do not administer these exams, but support students with the test-enrollment process.

Supervised “Independent Study”: the LC supports students with their academic work. We can function in a variety of ways. Ranging from a minimal distraction work environment to investigating alternate means of problem-solving

Learning Center Scheduling Options: After completion of the orientation process, the development of the ILP and reaching a determination that LC Supports are necessary, The Center for Learning and Cognitive Enhancement offers the following scheduling options:

Tier 4 Comprehensive LP [4x/week]:

  • Program Goal: Weekly EF Workshop and focused support on a wide variety of executive functioning skills, one on one check-ins, and study skills to allow the student to achieve future academic independence.

Tier 3-Advanced LP [3x/week]:

  • Program Goal: Weekly EF Workshop on a wide variety of executive functioning skills & strategies, one on one check-ins, and study skills to allow the student to achieve future academic independence.

Tier 2-Progressive LP Program Goal [2x/week]:

  • Weekly EF Workshop: 1:1 check-ins with teacher, supervised study time, reminders of executive functioning skills, and coaching.

Tier 1-Instructional LP [1x/week]:

  • Program Goal: EF Workshop as needed, designed for an independent student with check-ins. This program is meant to review progress and provide feedback on all academic work.

Student Support Check-in Model LP[Daily/As Needed]:

  • Program Goal: To support the student in maintaining personal organization and prioritization in the areas of time-management, academic task completion and more.

For each of the above, a student will access the LC Program for a minimum of nine weeks, at which point the level of student progress is weighed against the question of whether support services are still necessary.

Students can exercise the option to continue, reduce the number of times per week to attend the LC/Utilize the Check-in Model or consider ending support. Even after services conclude, students can continue to access the Learning Center on an informal basis for whatever their needs happen to be.