How to Get a Teenager to Talk About Their Feelings

One of the most pivotal times in a person’s life is his or her teenage years. This is because teenagers go through an immense amount of change in their lives as they transition from childhood to adulthood. For example, teenagers go through an immense amount of physical change due to puberty.

Celebrity Influences on Teens: Good or Bad?

Imagination plays a big part in a child’s life. It allows them to build universes and worlds and scenarios in their minds and lets them inject themselves into these worlds in various roles and scenarios. From the books they read, the movies and shows they watch, and the games they play, children develop a minute sense of who they are and who they want to be. Astronauts, cowboys, princesses, spies – these are just a few of the things almost all of us imagined being at some point, and as we observed such characters in action, we emulated them in our gameplay and everyday living.

Brown Noise for ADHD: A Tool for Teens to Concentrate

Are you a teen struggling to focus due to ADHD or other issues like anxiety or depression? Do you find the chatter and distractions of everyday life make it difficult to concentrate? There may be a simple solution for you that does not require immediate medication or therapy. If you’re a teen dealing with concentration challenges or a parent looking for a solution for your ADHD teens, using brown noise could be a game-changer. Read on to learn what brown noise is, how it differs from white noise, and why it may be what you need to help combat distraction and support your ability to focus.

What is Relational Trauma?

The relationships that human beings have with one another are some of the greatest influences in their lives. It’s through relationships that human beings learn not only how to love and care for one another, but unfortunately, also how to hurt and neglect one another. People whose relationships caused them to experience abuse, neglect, and dysfunction in life often develop some form of relational trauma.

Low Self-Esteem in Teenagers: Causes & Solutions

Low self-esteem is an ever-growing problem for teenagers in a post-pandemic, social media-centric world. Extensive studies show an increased risk of developing mental health issues such as depression and anxiety among teenagers who experience low self-esteem. The variables that affect self-esteem are different for every person. One should also note that fluctuations in self-esteem are […]

Teenage Angst: When To Reach Out for Help

Teenage angst refers to the emotional turmoil and stress that many adolescents experience during their teenage years. It is not a medical condition, but a normal reaction to the biological and emotional changes that teens undergo. It can manifest as mood swings, irritability, anxiety, sadness, anger, rebellion, or withdrawal. It is common for teenagers to […]

Adolescent Learning Styles

Differences in Learning Styles Most would agree that everyone learns differently. Oftentimes, though, many adolescent students have little time or attention paid to how they learn best. This can be doubly true for adolescents who have experienced past learning difficulties, or for those who learn differently than most others. With a complex process like learning, […]

The Benefits of Community Outings and Service

Real-World Opportunities for Growth While adolescents can learn a great deal in a therapeutic boarding school environment, they also need real-world opportunities to apply and practice their acquired skills. As part of Shortridge’s program, many of our teens participate in off-campus activities and outings, such as skiing and hiking, community service, or both. These kinds […]

Encouraging Healthy Coping Strategies in Teens

Adolescence: A State of Constant Change One of the biggest challenges faced by adolescents is coping with stressors and difficult emotions. Teenagers face new demands and responsibilities in school, in relationships, and at home. These years are often an exciting time, but their challenges can also prove overwhelming when one does not have the right […]

Asking For Help Is a Key to Success for Teens

Adolescence is a period of life filled with new opportunities, but it also carries its own unique challenges. Teenagers often face a variety of stressors, whether in school, relationships, or anxiety over the world at large. They often try to face these problems alone. Some teens internalize these struggles, or vent their frustrations and emotional […]

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