Helping Your Teen Build Social Skills

A New World of Social Expectations Social skills are crucial for forming relationships, communicating effectively, and for succeeding in both personal and professional life. Teenagers and adolescents are entering a new world of social expectations, with concerns over finding friend groups, dating, and forming positive relationships with teachers and other authority figures. Adolescence is rife […]

Why Choose a Therapeutic Boarding School?

Adolescents experience unique challenges across many areas of life, from new social pressures to demanding academic expectations and unfamiliar emotions. While many teenagers struggle in these areas to some extent, some have a harder time than others. Whether due to mental health conditions, like anxiety and depression, a history of high stress and poor outcomes […]

Understanding Parenting Styles

Parenting is a major factor in how an adolescent interacts with the world, makes choices, and creates their own identity. Parents instill values, model certain behaviors, and create the structures and expectations that their children grow into. As adolescents grow into young adults, they incorporate all they have learned from their parents while also trying […]

Positive Youth Development

Positive Youth Development In Depth: The Theory, Research, and Results Adolescents need guidance, structure, and support to develop the responsibility, empathy, and competence necessary for adulthood. Adolescent development has been studied extensively over the years, with research attempting to answer the question of how to best raise healthy young adults. One of the most successful […]

Helping Your Teen Manage Anxiety & Depression

Ways Parents Can Help Their Children Anxiety and depression are common mental health conditions in the United States. It is estimated that over 1 in 5 adults in the U.S experience a mood disorder like depression at some point in their lives. Teenagers are no exception, with an estimated 14% facing some sort of mood […]

Positive Lifestyle Changes in Teens

Bad Habits and Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms Teenagers and adolescents have had their well-being severely impacted by COVID-19. The worry, stress, and sadness of the global situation, coupled with the isolation induced by social distancing and the closure of schools, has taken its toll. Many adolescents report increases in depression and anxiety. Research also supports the […]

Discussing Boundaries and Expectations with Your Teen

One of the most difficult parts of parenting is knowing how to set healthy boundaries and expectations with your teenager. Adolescence is a time when children are looking to define themselves and push boundaries. Naturally, this is not a stage in life where most children are particularly receptive to parents’ concerns. However, finding the best […]

Therapy for Academic, Social & Personal Success

Teenagers Are Vulnerable Teenagers are at a vulnerable point in their lives. Identities are being formed, boundaries are pushed, and new social expectations and pressures are imposed. Teenagers are expected to navigate academics, budding social lives with changing rules, jobs, and more choices and independence than they ever had before. With all of these expectations, […]

Adolescence and Executive Function

Teens’ Brains Are Still Growing Adolescence introduces new responsibilities and expectations across all areas of one’s life. Ideally, individuals in these years build their identities and create the foundations for a healthy transition into young adulthood. As teens are developing their values, outlooks on life, and identities, their brains are also growing. The areas of […]

The Classroom & Mental Health Are Interrelated

A Significant Impact Mental health is profoundly important in every aspect of a teen’s life, from interacting with others to developing a healthy self-image and identity. Unfortunately, the relationship between mental health and academics is often neglected or altogether forgotten. Success or failure in the classroom is frequently chalked up to individual motivation and intelligence, […]

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