Learning Center Orientation Assessments

During the initial Learning Center Orientation Period, students participate in academic and/or executive functioning assessments to help add some dimension to the intake records review. This includes:

  • Learning Styles Inventory: This consists of a series of short surveys, the results of which provide indicators as to a student’s preferred style of learning (auditory, tactile and visual). This data is used to inform the teachers’ teaching style so as to best support student learning in the classroom
  • Personal Motivation Survey: This survey helps to identify those motivational elements that the student finds to be inspirational. The results will help teachers to utilize appropriate techniques in order to reach and teach the student as well as to further promote a positive and forward-moving learning environment.
  • Personal Organization Survey: The design of this survey is intended to gain further insights into how a student likes their world to be organized. The results of this survey helps with the determination as to those areas of Executive Functioning which may require focus and support; and
  • IXL Academic Diagnostic: This assessment looks to add additional perspective to the student’s accompanying academic records. Perhaps more importantly, this assessment is also reviewed for how a student applies their executive functioning toolkit in order to address this task.