Learning Center Program Experience

Weekly EF Workshop

Through direct instruction, the student will travel through part of, or the entire curriculum, based upon individual needs. This includes:

  • Section 1: Getting to the Next Level of You
  • Section 2: Personal Information Management System
  • Section 3: Note-taking Organizational System
  • Section 4: MacBook
  • Section 5: Data Drive Storage and Management Section 6: Homework Management
  • Section 6: Study Skills Preparation
  • Section 7: SMARTS EF Unit Tools

Individualized EF Portfolio

Students will participate in activities designed to promote the development of their Executive Functioning Skills, the results of which will culminate in the production of a personal portfolio, which includes the following:

  1. Personal Mission Statement
  2. Personal Planner
  3. Personal Goals
  4. Academic Information Management System
  5. Other (based upon student needs)


The purpose of the LC Mini-Project is to blend an academic task with the introduction and development of corresponding EF skills.

Project options include:

File Folder Board Game
Overview: For this activity, you will be asked to create and test an original File Folder Board Game.

Overview: The purpose of this is for you to consider and apply the necessary components of storytelling in order to demonstrate your understanding of the need for organizing, prioritizing, structure and flexible thinking that is necessary for the creation of a successful storyboard and how this translates into academic abilities.

Lego Robotics
Overview: For this activity, you will construct and program a Lego Robot which will be used for the purposes of completing a Driver’s Ed scenario.

STIMS Research Project
Overview: For this activity, you will select a topic to take through a research method (from a choice of three). The results of their eorts will culminate in the creation of either a Google Site, Personal Video or Detailed Personal Publication.

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