Program Goals

The Shortridge Academy program is designed to develop the following goals and specific strengths that:

  • Build healthy decision-making and critical-thinking skills by developing a personal value system for making good choices and becoming comfortable seeking adult advice when appropriate
  • Establish and maintain trusting relationships by forming mutually supportive connections with family, peers, and other adults
  • Embrace and implement a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet, by embracing a sound attitude toward their bodies and their sexuality, and by managing risk-seeking impulses in a positive way
  • Recognize and develop individual leadership potential by understanding the elements of responsibility, and ultimately learning to be strong and positive role models themselves
  • Create personal goals and identify the resources and strategies to achieve them by establishing and working toward short- and long-term objectives, including plans for life transitions
  • Develop resiliency and self-efficacy by increasing confidence and social competence, reinforced by thoughtful practice of coping skills during times of discomfort
  • Establish a more positive role within the family by discovering how best to contribute to the dynamics of their family system