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Understanding Parenting Styles

Parenting is a major factor in how an adolescent interacts with the world, makes choices, and creates their own identity. Parents instill values, model certain behaviors, and create the structures […]

Positive Youth Development

Positive Youth Development In Depth: The Theory, Research, and Results Adolescents need guidance, structure, and support to develop the responsibility, empathy, and competence necessary for adulthood. Adolescent development has been […]

Positive Lifestyle Changes in Teens

Bad Habits and Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms Teenagers and adolescents have had their well-being severely impacted by COVID-19. The worry, stress, and sadness of the global situation, coupled with the isolation […]

Therapy for Academic, Social & Personal Success

Teenagers Are Vulnerable Teenagers are at a vulnerable point in their lives. Identities are being formed, boundaries are pushed, and new social expectations and pressures are imposed. Teenagers are expected […]

Adolescence and Executive Function

Teens’ Brains Are Still Growing Adolescence introduces new responsibilities and expectations across all areas of one’s life. Ideally, individuals in these years build their identities and create the foundations for […]

The Classroom & Mental Health Are Interrelated

A Significant Impact Mental health is profoundly important in every aspect of a teen’s life, from interacting with others to developing a healthy self-image and identity. Unfortunately, the relationship between […]

Distance Learning and Remote Therapy

Crisis Drives a Lack of Access to Services As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many high schools are adapting by developing online learning platforms. At Shortridge Academy, we’ve instituted what we […]