Academic FAQs

What if my child completed a full semester prior to Shortridge but his school did not award partial credits?

Shortridge will award partial credits from previous schools even if that school did not. We’ll need a grade report indicating a passing grade at the quarter or semester mark. As stated earlier, however, the student’s ability to complete the full credit in the remaining time will depend on his ability to demonstrate proficiency in the subject.

How are partial credits handled?

We accept any fraction of credits that a previous school has awarded, .25 credit or greater. If a student has earned a quarter credit in a class prior to Shortridge, she will generally be able to complete just three terms here to earn a full credit. However, we reserve the right to keep a student in a class if she is not able to demonstrate that she has the skills and proficiencies needed. Students can complete one class and move on to the next level, even if they have not yet finished other classes. This is a common occurrence at Shortridge.

How do you handle rolling admissions?

In the middle of each term, we have a short break (four-day weekend) that breaks up the terms into halves. Teachers generally organize their curriculum in month-long units to allow for students who start mid-term to easily catch up.

How many credits are required for graduation?

24 total credits are required for graduation. The breakdown per subject is as follows:

  • English – 4
  • Math – 3
  • Science – 3 (1 life science with lab, 1 physical science with lab)
  • Social Studies – 3 (1 US History, 1 World History, .5 Economics, .5 U.S. Government)
  • Foreign Language – 2
  • Physical Education – 1
  • Health – .5
  • Electives – 6.5

What is the health credit and how is it graded?

Through the therapeutic program, students learn about physical health and nutrition, substance use, and mental health issues. The grade is either pass or fail, and students earn a total of .5 credit over the course of a 9–10 month period.

What is the communication and leadership skills credit and how is it graded?

Students earn this credit through participation in therapeutic groups, seminars, and phase move-ups where students learn and demonstrate vital communication skills (oral and written) and leadership skills. They are asked to reflect on and demonstrate these skills periodically in individual sessions, as well as in their phase applications and move-up presentations. This credit is assessed on a pass/fail basis.

How many classes do students take in a term? A full academic year?

Students generally accrue 7–7.5 credits per school year, plus an additional credit if they utilize the Learning Center. Students enroll in 5 classes per term—or 6 if they use the Learning Center—and therefore earn 5 or 6 academic credits in one academic year. In addition, students accrue 1 credit in PE and 1 elective credit in Communication and Leadership Skills per academic year. Lastly, upon completing the program, students are awarded half a credit (.5) in Health.

How many months is an academic school year?

An academic school year is 10 months.

How many credits do students earn per term?

Students can accrue a quarter credit (.25) per class per term.

How many terms are in a school year and how long is each term?

We have 5 academic terms in a year, ranging between 8 to 10 weeks per term. Our terms run from January to March, March to May, May to August, August to October, and October to December. There is a week-long break between each term.