Shortridge Academy: 2002 -2023

Shortridge Academy was a private New England therapeutic boarding school for grades 9-12 with a challenging yet supportive college preparatory curriculum. The Academy served students from 2002 to 2023. Presently, the beautiful campus is still in use, offering short-term residential mental health treatment for adolescents at The Ridge. If you require transcripts from your time at Shortridge Academy, please send your request to

The Ridge: a Residential Program for Teens with Mental Health Needs

At our 350-acre campus in southeastern New Hampshire, we offer The Ridge, a specialized mental health residential program for teens who require therapeutic assessment and additional support. Our program prioritizes therapy, increased structure, higher levels of supervision, and fewer distractions to empower our residents to develop the critical strengths they need. The Ridge provides a supportive and caring environment for teens who need more intense care than they can receive at home, at school, or in a traditional residential setting. Contact us to learn more about The Ridge and how we can support your teen’s mental health journey.

The Ridge Program

The Ridge Campus

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