Financial Information


Shortridge Academy recognizes the financial commitment of our tuition and therefore would like to help families seek relief whether through insurance reimbursement or through home school districts.

Working with Insurance

Although Shortridge Academy does not accept insurance, pre-authorize treatment, or directly assist with insurance reimbursement efforts, some treatment expenses may be recovered. For this reason, Shortridge Academy holds Business Associate Agreements with claims management and advocacy firms that can help families more successfully navigate the insurance claims and reimbursement process. If you elect not to utilize their services but still intend on submitting therapy and medical claims to your insurance carrier, Shortridge Academy can provide statements/”superbills” upon request. 

As part of Altior Healthcare’s commitment to increasing access to quality mental health care and making improvements across all of its youth mental health programs, The Ridge at Shortridge Academy is now working with most commercial insurance carriers out-of-network. Families now have the option to utilize out-of-network benefits for treatment at our short-term residential treatment center, marking a positive change as previously, our program was available exclusively for self-paying families.

Staff at the Academy and The Ridge have critical responsibilities such as teaching or counseling students on campus and therefore, are limited in their ability to testify in legal proceedings. Written affidavits may be requested in place of testimony, however will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

For more information regarding tuition and insurance reimbursement, please contact Admissions here.

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