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Finding help for adolescents who are struggling to succeed in traditional academic environments can be difficult. As a parent, guardian, or mental health professional caring for a young person who needs a little extra encouragement and structure, you want to make the best choice moving forward. The weight of such a decision can be incredibly heavy. But, here at Shortridge Academy, we are here to help you take the best care of the adolescent in your care!

Who We Serve

We provide two specialized services: Shortridge Academy – a private therapeutic boarding school and The Ridge– a residential mental health treatment center for clients that might not be ready for our academic boarding school. Our New Hampshire boarding school is an advocate for parents who are searching for an inclusive and nurturing environment for high school students. If your adolescent child is in need of therapeutic and academic guidance and support, Shortridge Academy is here for you.

We also serve mental health professionals who are searching for an opportunity to connect with educational and therapeutic resources. Our boarding school focuses on the academic needs of our students, providing solutions that enable adolescents to gain the skills they need in order to succeed in life. Also, our licensed staff has the necessary training to provide effective care to adolescents who are dealing with mental health challenges.

Additionally, Shortridge Academy serves therapeutic educational consultants and referring professionals. We understand that many parents rely on such professionals for support when faced with the challenges of caring for a child that may need some extra support and guidance. This is why we provide a resource for therapeutic educational consultants and referring professionals in our community.

Contact Our New Hampshire Center Today

Shortridge Academy is a boarding school that offers a compassionate, comprehensive method of care for children who may need additional support. We nurture and facilitate the social, emotional, and cognitive development of adolescents. Our staff understands that sometimes bright and intelligent children just need a little extra tender loving care!

Our mission is to encourage the students who come to our academy and equip their parents with the tools they need. We understand that each of the adolescents who come to us has unique, individual needs. That’s why our curriculum is respectful of the learning differences our students have. We also help our students develop personal goals and embrace the possibility of positive changes in their lives. Reach out to us today to learn more about our academic and therapeutic approaches. We look forward to serving your child and assisting you all on this journey.

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