Adolescent Learning Styles

Differences in Learning Styles Most would agree that everyone learns differently. Oftentimes, though, many adolescent students have little time or attention paid to how they learn best. This can be doubly true for adolescents who have experienced past learning difficulties, or for those who learn differently than most others. With a complex process like learning, […]

A Holistic Approach to College Prep for Adolescents

Addressing academic challenges and preparing for standardized tests are important goals for adolescents in any college prep program. But college preparation is about much more than standardized test scores. Students in a therapeutic educational environment need encouragement and motivation to grow and challenge themselves inside and outside of the classroom. They also need guidance in […]

Overcoming Past Learning Challenges to Build Academic Confidence

The Most Common Causes of Academic Problems Academics can be a major source of stress for teens. This goes doubly so for those who have faced academic challenges in the past. Academic troubles can have a variety of causes, from a stressful classroom environment, issues with other students including bullying, the presence of mental health […]

Group Therapy for Teens

Understanding Therapy: Group Therapy While one-on-one therapy can be indispensable, sometimes adolescents need an opportunity to practice their social skills and work through the exploration of common issues alongside their peers. This is where group therapy can be extremely helpful. Group therapy is an umbrella term for approaches which include more than a single client […]

The Benefits of Community Outings and Service

Real-World Opportunities for Growth While adolescents can learn a great deal in a therapeutic boarding school environment, they also need real-world opportunities to apply and practice their acquired skills. As part of Shortridge’s program, many of our teens participate in off-campus activities and outings, such as skiing and hiking, community service, or both. These kinds […]

Encouraging Healthy Coping Strategies in Teens

Adolescence: A State of Constant Change One of the biggest challenges faced by adolescents is coping with stressors and difficult emotions. Teenagers face new demands and responsibilities in school, in relationships, and at home. These years are often an exciting time, but their challenges can also prove overwhelming when one does not have the right […]

Asking For Help Is a Key to Success for Teens

Adolescence is a period of life filled with new opportunities, but it also carries its own unique challenges. Teenagers often face a variety of stressors, whether in school, relationships, or anxiety over the world at large. They often try to face these problems alone. Some teens internalize these struggles, or vent their frustrations and emotional […]

Helping Your Teen Build Social Skills

A New World of Social Expectations Social skills are crucial for forming relationships, communicating effectively, and for succeeding in both personal and professional life. Teenagers and adolescents are entering a new world of social expectations, with concerns over finding friend groups, dating, and forming positive relationships with teachers and other authority figures. Adolescence is rife […]

Why Choose a Therapeutic Boarding School?

Adolescents experience unique challenges across many areas of life, from new social pressures to demanding academic expectations and unfamiliar emotions. While many teenagers struggle in these areas to some extent, some have a harder time than others. Whether due to mental health conditions, like anxiety and depression, a history of high stress and poor outcomes […]

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