Family/Student Handbook

The Shortridge Academy’s Family/Student Handbook is intended to serve as a guide to help students and their families come to know Shortridge Academy’s program and opportunities as well as to set forth basic expectations and agreements. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the contents. Upon review, if needed, please direct any questions, comments, or concerns to the appropriate therapist, academic or residential advisor, or administrator. This handbook will provide you with a broad spectrum of information regarding Shortridge Academy so that you may feel as included and informed as possible.

The policies set forth in this handbook have been developed by the school and may be revised or updated periodically. You will be advised by email about any changes that may occur. Because of our unique and industry-leading model of adult–youth partnerships, fostering an authoritative community and power-sharing with our population, the details of agreements, specific expectations (such as the dress code), and consequence system will evolve over time and will change. This dynamic aspect of our milieu is what makes Shortridge Academy unique, effective, and realistic. We look forward to working with you toward a positive, meaningful, and rewarding Shortridge Academy experience.