Student Life at Shortridge Academy

Outside of the classroom, Shortridge Academy offers countless opportunities for students to explore their interests, cultivate new hobbies, and further develop themselves as individuals. Guided and supported by staff members, Shortridge students act as leaders in the clubs and committees that interest them. These activities teach students valuable leadership and communication skills and allow them to share their interests, collaborate with other students and staff, and have a say in their student life at Shortridge.

boys at therapeutic boarding school

With Shortridge Academy’s focus on student development, students have numerous outlets for expression, self-improvement, and healthy experimentation in new subjects and interests. Students may wish to delve into art or music, whether that’s through a guided visual arts curriculum or something as spontaneous as a jam session with fellow students in our Great Room. Outings and field trips, often organized by students according to their interests, also give more opportunities for learning, socialization, and fun outside the usual routine.

Physical activity is strongly encouraged at Shortridge, with five weekly health and fitness sessions taking the form of activities as varied as dance, weight training, or nature hiking. Again, student interest plays a large role in which activities are available in any given term, as staff work with students to find new and exciting ways to enjoy exercise.

Shortridge Academy also encourages students to grow and contribute to their communities with volunteer community service outside of the school. Community service provides the perfect chance for students to exercise the skills they learn at Shortridge in the outside world while helping others.

Student life at Shortridge gives students the structure, guidance, and safe environment they need to pursue whatever healthy route to self-development they choose. However a student wishes to grow, they will find like-minded peers and supportive, caring staff to guide them along the way with a variety of activities from which to choose.