Activities & Trips

The Activities Committee, made up of students and facilitated by staff, identifies and plans weekly on-campus activities and off-campus trips. In an average week, two trips occur between Monday and Friday, and two trips occur each weekend day. Shortridge students are encouraged to participate in an off-campus trip at least once per week.

All Shortridge Academy students are encouraged to suggest and create activities for themselves and their community with staff support. Below are some examples of trips and activities students have participated in the past.

On-campus activities

  • Bonfires
  • Field day
  • Prom
  • Holiday parties
  • Trivia night
  • Theme days
  • Wild animal presentations
  • Poetry readings

Off-campus trips

  • Bowling
  • Laser tag
  • Berry and apple picking
  • Movies
  • Professional sport events
  • Museums
  • Whale watches
  • Lake cruises
  • UNH library
  • Wild animal sanctuaries
  • 4H activities
  • Art galleries
  • Theatre and drama events