Arts & Music

Visual Arts

Whether a student is an experienced artist who needs to develop a portfolio for art school or a beginner who would like to learn to draw, there is opportunity for artistic expression and learning at Shortridge Academy, and the arts are an integral part of life at our school, both formally and informally. Our Visual Arts curriculum consists of four courses—Studio Arts I, Studio Arts II, Photography, and Art History—that take place in our art room and our darkroom. Opportunities also exist during free time such as art projects on campus, photography field trips to shoot the seacoast, and visits to local museums and arts and crafts venues.

boy playing guitar at boarding school


Music is a less formal artistic pursuit at Shortridge. You can always find a small band of passionate players learning songs and teaching each other chords in our Great Room, and guitars are as commonplace as computers. There are two spaces on campus dedicated to musicianship—a small music room where students store their instruments so that they can practice during the day, and our recording studio, which students use during free time and on the weekends.