Overview of Therapeutic Support

Shortridge Academy makes the care and development of our students’ mental and behavioral health a top priority. Adolescence is a time when the brain is still developing, yet it is asked to face many unique challenges. Through our therapeutic support programs, we teach students to navigate these new situations and give them the tools they need to develop into healthy, well-adjusted adults.

Therapy is a key component of behavioral healthcare at Shortridge.Therapy can take multiple forms, whether on an individual basis or in group settings. Each student at Shortridge is assigned a master’s level therapist who listens to the student’s concerns and collaborates with the student and his or her family in developing an individualized plan to address academic, mental, and behavioral health needs.

smiling student at a boarding school

Therapy includes the student’s family, since their active involvement and support is critical to their child’s growth at Shortridge. Our staff works with parents to facilitate visits, educational workshops, and family conferences. Weekly communication between parents and their child’s therapist ensures that every student at Shortridge has the support structure they need to succeed.

Therapy at Shortridge proceeds in phases. At the outset, students are taught vital academic and behavioral skills and are required to keep a portfolio documenting their progress. The second phase involves the practice of these new skills in a controlled environment. Finally, students continue to apply these lessons to their academic performance and daily lives. Shortridge Academy also emphasizes continuing assistance during the transition from our academy into a post-graduation environment, with a specialized transition curriculum that helps students maintain the progress they have made while preparing them for future challenges.

Shortridge Academy’s commitment to therapeutic support ensures that every student receives the attention and direction they need and deserve. With numerous forms of therapy and care from certified experts, we work hard to ensure that our students have the tools they need to overcome any obstacles and roadblocks they may encounter on their way through our program and on into life.