Family Therapy

family counseling

Shortridge firmly believes in partnering and co-parenting with families, giving them the resources and support they need to achieve their goals both while at Shortridge and after graduation. Throughout the student’s stay, Shortridge staff will work to make sure each family has a strong understanding of the program, its purposes, and its values. The goal of family therapy is for parents to feel empowered to continue supporting and parenting their child with what they have learned at Shortridge.

Family therapy is a type of group therapy that focuses on families and their dynamics. It can help address issues such as communication problems, passionate disagreements, limit setting, and much more. Family therapy sessions are typically held with all family members present, including parents and student. This allows everyone to communicate openly in a safe and supportive setting. The therapist will work to help the family identify and address the underlying issues that are causing problems.

Family therapy has been shown to be beneficial for teens in particular. Teens who attend family therapy sessions are more likely to have better relationships with their parents, experience less conflict at home, and have higher self-esteem. Shortridge recognizes that each family is different, and we work to find methods that best suit individual family systems.