Transitional Support

On-campus Transition Therapy

Traditionally, students who are within two to three months of graduating from Shortridge enter the on-campus transition component of our program. This stage focuses on the student’s transition out of the school. Activities, strategies, and opportunities within the transition curriculum aim to:

laughing teen girls
  • Provide the student and family a profound and honest look at strengths, as well as those challenging areas that a family may need extra support in managing
  • Support the student in identifying the areas in which he or she is competent and how these strengths can be integrated into life after Shortridge Academy
  • Increase awareness of leadership styles, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Promote a student’s capacity to make healthy life decisions, especially when faced with negative peer influences
  • Assess ability to tolerate difficult interactions and enhance conflict resolution skills
  • Reinforce a student’s resilience and management of emotions
  • Be mindful of behaviors and their congruence with a student’s goals and values
  • Address feelings that emerge throughout this transition    
  • Continue postgraduate planning, such as setting up support systems, researching jobs, and investigating extra-curricular activities
  • Experience off-campus life-skills exercises, such as money management, job seeking, and service-related projects